Chapter two Li Family Ding Jiucheng Lee,It’s also a very strong family,It is a subsidiary family of…


Since he made such an investment,You have to make your investment profitable,I have tracked his cooperation with relevant domestic cooperative enterprises,Because of the incentive policy given by COMAC,All with COMAC in‘tay’MK650-8CThe companies that have cooperated on the engine project have invested great enthusiasm,This is where we were‘Spey’Unmatched in the project,I will realize the realization of COMAC in three or four years‘tay’MK650-8CThe complete localization of the engine is more optimistic,In my previous communication with Mr. Chen Geng,Mr. Chen Geng also said,Even the least optimistic situation,Five years later,‘tay’MK650-8CThe localization rate will also reach at least80%,and80%Localization rate,Enough to guarantee the engine and subsequent maintenance、The supply of maintenance is reliable。”

———— First751chapter Go talk to Chen Geng He Kai’s remarks moved many people。 Also,Chen Geng started from…